Dog Grooming

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.


This may not be the case for your pet!


Does your Maltese have dirty street feet?  Does your poodle need a new summer ‘do?  Send them to the Grooming Shack at Ruby & Jack’s, where we can accommodate all of your pet’s grooming needs.

Periodic visits with our professional, highly skilled groomers will help your pet maintain a healthy and shiny coat and eliminate any uncomfortable matting.

Each grooming and bathing service includes:

  • nail trimming

  • anal gland expression

  • ear cleaning

  • teeth brushing

  • trimming and neatening of paw pads

  • sanitary trim

  • bath and brush-out

All of our grooming products are natural and US-sourced.  You can personalize your pet’s appointment by choosing from a variety of services.  Along with baths and other essentials, we offer a full à la carte selection of amenities to pamper your pet, including a decadent Pawdicure and a luxurious Blueberry Facial.  Sorry, but no, you can’t join them.


Our caring staff has years of experience, resulting in extensive knowledge that allows them to accommodate the unique grooming needs of all breeds of dogs.  Before getting started, we’ll discuss your pet’s grooming needs with you and do our best to ensure both of you are happy with the results.  Whether you want a breed standard cut, an easy-to-maintain puppy cut, hand-scissoring, or something completely different – just ask.  Puppies and seniors receive extra special attention, and special products, like hypo-allergenic shampoos, are available.


As with everything we do, the comfort of the animals in our care is our primary concern at Ruby & Jack’s.  We are committed to helping reduce the stress that pets may naturally feel when being groomed and want to contribute to the overall health of your dog.  After all, with regular bathing and grooming, a pet by any other name could smell as sweet!

Contact us for pricing.