Dog Boarding

Our overnight dogs can almost be heard counting squirrels in their sleep.

When you can’t be with your canine companion, we can.  At Ruby & Jack’s, we offer fully supervised, 24-hour Doggy Slumber Care year-round.  Whether you’re on the road, off to the Caribbean, working way too late, hitting a Yankees (or Mets!) game, having guests who are not fond of dogs, or going to visit the allergic in-laws…we’re here to take care of your furry baby.

At bedtime, our Slumber Care guests retire to one of our private sleeping quarters for a night of comfortable, restful sleep. Accommodations range from cozy canine condos to suites, and your dog holds the key.  We can accommodate any length of stay, and we do our best to keep our guests in the same space so they can have some consistency while in their home away from home.  Experienced overnight staff makes regular rounds throughout the night to make sure all doggies are tucked in and ready to catch some zzzzz’s.  Want to find out if your dog snores?  Ask for a room with a SleepCam.

To complete the overnight experience, we recommend a bath or full grooming for your dog before pick-up, so they’ll come home to you not only happy, but smelling fresh and clean.  A stimulating day of Play Care followed by a restful night of Slumber Care, or vice versa, can contribute to your dog’s optimal health – our highest priority at Ruby & Jack’s Doggy Shack.

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