Cat Boarding

What is a cat’s favorite color?  Purrr-ple.
And what is a cat’s favorite place to sleep?
Well, wherever they can take a cozy cat nap, of course! 

And, Ruby & Jack’s is just the place.  Why leave your precious pussycat home alone when you have to go away?  Ruby & Jack’s loves cats as much as cats love catnip.  Feline family members will be safe and well cared for through our Cat Boarding service, whether you have to be away for just one night or an extended period of time.

Specialized accommodations in our soundproofed and separately air-conditioned Cattery provide cozy confines for maximum kitty comfort.  Individual cat condos all come en suite…each with their own litter area and water bowl.  Being separated from their canine cousins helps ensure a low stress environment for our overnight feline guests.  Our trained and loving around-the-clock staff is dedicated to taking care of all of your cat’s needs, from food to medications to belly rubs.

If your cat doesn’t want to leave home sweet home, Ruby & Jack’s Doggy Shack makes house calls through our Cat Sitting service.

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